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The Very Scary Santa Claus

I wrote The Very Scary Santa Claus in 1994 as a gift to my family at Christmas.

It was never published, so it’s not fancy like most books. In fact, except for the cover, it’s in black and white. My son Nick, who was six at the time, illustrated the book.

This book is special in at least two ways. Number 1, it does indeed have a very scary Santa Claus in the plot. Number 2, the book is meant to be drawn in. That's right. This is how it works. As I read the story on the RIGHT side of the page, your little reader gets to draw the scene on the LEFT side. I have set aside 12 blank pages for your little reader to illustrate.

Parents and parent figures, don’t have a heart attack! This may be the only book you'll ever own where it’s okay to draw in the book. In fact, IT’S ENCOURAGED.

Now, since you don't have the book in your hands, you may want to pause the video after each page to give your kings and queens time to draw each scene on the paper provided. So get some colored pencils and a dozen index cards or letter-size sheets of paper, and let’s go.

I’ll see you at the end of the book! ENJOY!

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