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Gerry Justice enjoys telling the stories of others. He lives in downtown Indianapolis and focuses on people who live and visit within his Mile Square. 

Gerry is a lifetime resident of Indiana. He's happiest when spending time with his family and friends. He holds a Master’s Degree in Writing from Butler University and is president of Justice Marketing Inc. Gerry served 16 years as a board member of Wheeler Mission Ministries, where he logged over 1,000 volunteered hours.

He has written for mass audiences and when reporting, strives to remain truthful and impartial.  

Gerry Justice enjoys telling other people's stories through BOLD writing, photography and designs. He has written for mass audiences and isn't afraid to report the truth. (317) 714-6822. Writer. Photographer. Blogger. Marketer. Graphic designer. NRA Gerry Justice March for Our Lives AR-15 rifle, homelessness Mile Square outh-led non-violence rally

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